In recent years, Information Technology has played a major role in the growth and advancement of the global structure. In Singapore alone, information technology has grown to become a widely important component in our country’s development, with more than 90% of Fortune 1000 technology companies making Singapore a key area in their network. This strategic position is set to allow Singapore to become not only a global IT hub in the coming years, but one of the most competitive players in the IT industry within the Asia Pacific region. As a result, the demand for talented individuals who will play an important role in this area is increasing significantly. This demand is being supported by the government through means of development and growth in human capital over the last few years, resulting in vast opportunities for firms and executives alike.

At Ember Recruitment, our consultants are trained to keep up with this growing industry, developing awareness of the positions that Clients will require top talent for, as well as where these talents can be found. This allows for us to match the right candidates with the right positions effectively and swiftly.


Some examples of the areas that we specialize in for the Information & Technology Sector include:

Desktop Support

Application Support

Project Managers

IT Managers

Software Developers

Game Designers

System Analysts

Business Analysts