Over the years, Asia has become a key global supply point and hub of global economic growth with quickly evolving supply chain infrastructures, capabilities and strengths. Singapore, being in a strategic location, with excellent infrastructure and global connectivity has become one of the world’s leading logistics and supply chain hub, serving the fast growing markets of the Asia Pacific region as well as being an important gateway for global trade. All of these factors have led to companies searching for the best talent who can help them continue this growth. At Ember Recruitment, our consultants possess the necessary know how to help our clients reach this goal, to find the best candidates who are deemed fit in accordance to not only skills and experience, but to a cultural and environmental fit as well. All these factors contribute to the support and development of not  only our client’ companies but to the industry as a whole as well.

Some examples of the areas that we specialize in for Logistics and Shipping are:

–          Logistics

–          Operations

–          Procurement

–          Commodities

–          Operations