Singapore is a flourishing financial center of international repute servicing not only its domestic economy per se but also the entire Asia Pacific region. The Banking & Financial industry is a key player in the country’s financial market segment, soon emerging as one of the strongest in the world. Factors such as a sound economic and political environment, conducive legal and tax policies, reputation for integrity, and strict enforcement against crime and money laundering, have contributed to Singapore’s status as an International Finance Center – the third largest in Asia, after Japan and Hong Kong. Today there are as many as 108 foreign banks and 6 local banks that dominate the banking scene. (Guide Me Singapore)

Due to the position that Singapore holds as a flourishing financial hub, vast opportunities in the Banking and Financial Sector are widely available for top executives across the industry. At Ember Recruitment, our consultants have the expertise to understand this sector well and are able to secure top talents for our valued clients.

Some examples of the areas that we specialize in for the Banking and Financial Sector are:

–          Insurance & Reinsurance

–          Front office

–          Legal and Compliance

–          Risk Management

–          Operations